Deli Meats & Cheese

Meats and Cheesesicon_sm Our reasonably priced deli meat and cheese comes from a Holmes County, Ohio supplier and relative of the owner. Troyer Cheese Company sends us a large selection of tasty sandwich meats and scrumptious cheeses made with milk straight from Amish farms in Holmes County. Just ask some of our customers, and they’ll tell you it’s the best deli meat and cheese around!

icon_sm Meat and cheese trays are made to order for your party or gathering!

*Prices (of course) are subject to change without notice.

Deli Fresh Sandwiches (order before 4:00)

Tasty Reuben

You can also get a fresh sandwich made to order at our deli counter (ask about our vegetarian options). There is plenty of seating on our spacious porch where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air and Bonnie Troyer’s beautiful landscaping while you enjoy your sandwich, a cup of coffee or soda, and a sweet treat.

Specialty Sandwiches:
Reuben: Corned beef and aged swiss with sauerkraut and homemade 1000 island dressing.

Muffuletta: Hard salami, Ham, and capicola sandwich with mozzarella cheese, pickled olive and veggies and mayo, topped with Parmesan cheese.

Feel free to call ahead for deli or sandwich takeout orders and we’ll do our best to get them ready to go before you arrive. We take sandwich orders until 4:00 daily when the store is open.


We are also proudly offering farm-fresh whole milk, chocolate milk, & buttermilk.

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